It all starts with research

Our clients know that our market & competitor reports are fundamental in understanding the current status quo in the market – to gain perspective of prices, lot mixes and competitive offers. Add to this the experience and knowledge base of a client’s consulting partners and their own teams, and a new development is born. There is however, a growing appreciation that customer co-creation research is the magical ingredient in setting their project apart and moving a development

from good to great;
from housing to homes;
from concept to community;
from location to place-making;
from being a solution-based destination to being an attractive, inspired destination.

Practical Punch Plus

What gives it practical punch is that pre and post DA plans and concepts are workshopped with past & potential residents and influencers to refine and add nuanced depth to the offer.

Each location has a unique target population with cultural distinctions and needs, there are site-specific challenges and opportunities, and there needs to be a fit within the broader community.

With pre-DA customer co-creation research, insights often lead to changes in the proposed lot mix, floorplans, and community facility mix to add appeal and uniqueness. This was the case for Bupa Sutherland where early research additionally led to insights regarding shared vs exclusive facilities – shared with a co-located Aged Care facility and/or the local general public. We were also able to get some early indicators on communication & positioning, and financial structure feedback.

The focus in a second Post-DA customer co-creation research study for Bupa Sutherland was on design finishes, positioning and financial structure communication.

While each client and each development will have a different research need and design, Marketability looks at development masterplans holistically through the customer’s eyes via our four pillars approach. These all intertwine to make the customer value proposition compelling. The project itself will dictate where the most customer insight is needed – is it in the physical product, the lifestyle promise, the care promise and/or in the financial structure? Do we talk to Influencers? Potential residents? Past residents? Carers? Project Team? Local Senior Groups?

Pairing the wisdom of the project team with the experience of the customer

For another client, Yarra Rossa by BaptistCare in Canberra, circumstances meant a different advisory approach. We conducted a Customer Value Proposition (CVP) workshop with the client team and consulting partners.

The CVP work led us to develop different service value propositions which we then tested and evolved with co-creation research among potential residents and influencers. (This was entirely conducted in real-time online due to COVID safety needs).

For another client, we moved a Platino Properties research project online at the start of the pandemic to conduct both real-time online in-depth interviews with Influencers and over-time focus groups with potential residents. This POST DA customer co-creation research led to insights that occasioned some DA changes to community facilities and design.

Our approach is the same for all types of developments – greenfields, brownfields, masterplan communities, vertical villages, staged villages, co-located developments, intergenerational precincts, wellness precincts… We discuss the opportunities and challenges from the perspective of the Client team, to develop an optimal research design. At what stage or stages of the development journey will it have the most impact? Who do we talk to? What ideas and concepts do we want to develop in order to get feedback or redesign? Depending on the length of the development journey, many projects will have several components in a research program.

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