Priority projects in excess of $2 billion in the pipeline for Sydney

How are you reading the mood of the industry? 

The latest macro-economic news is showing cost of living pressures, rising unemployment, slowing household prices, rising construction costs, the difficulty in finding and keeping good staff, falling consumer sentiment, amongst many other factors, are placing a rather pessimistic view on the future of our industry.

Certainly, that was the sentiment speaking to 600+ CEO’s and industry experts at the Leaders Conference in Sydney a few weeks ago.

Yet, we at Marketability are choosing to be optimistic and are getting very excited to meet the next generation of baby boomer residents.

With over $2 billion+ in retirement living stock making its way to the Greater Sydney market, the team have been busy partnering with our clients on fine tuning their projects;

  • In well-established premium inner city and medium ring suburbs, close to services and transport
  • Product ranging from high rise in excess of 20 storeys, mid rise up to 9 storeys all the down to traditional single level villa style developments
  • A skew to right sizing 2+ study and 3 bed apartments with larger house like proportions
  • Variety of Integrated retirement living, assisted living and aged care value solutions
  • Average prices in excess of $1M+, and some in excess of $5M+
  • Enough stock to house at least 2000 new retirees over the next 3 to 4 years.

Two interesting points to make:

First, we are only at the start of the baby boomer housing revolution across the nation. Our research & advisory team are predicting another 12,000 homes in NSW and over 40,000 nationally required over the next decade just to meet current demand.

Secondly, due to the shortage of appropriate retirement living housing we have noticed smart operators are optimising their portfolio pricing, increasing prices between 10-25% more than last year, courtesy of the Marketability Tracker.

In fact, only last week our sales team resold a 3 bedroom apartment at $1.225M, a 46% premium to 2021 prices.

So, join us in getting excited!

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