It all starts with research

We are passionate about wanting the customer voice reflected in every step of your project development – from project spark to thriving community. Our clients know that market & competitor reports are fundamental in understanding the current status quo in the market. There is however, a growing appreciation that customer co-creation research is the magical ingredient in setting their project apart and moving a development.

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Hottest month since 1999

We have not seen conditions this strong since we started the business in 1999. Read about our take on why this season may be the perfect platform for retirement living operators.

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Housing prices – from bust to boom?

It was less than 6 months ago, in the depths of winter and during a global pandemic, that many property experts were predicting housing busts with price falls of up to 30%. Now in 2021, many of these experts are predicting housing prices will start to boom. Is this boom believable and what does it means for retirees considering retirement living?

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