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John and Anne, The Gracewood Community

From Brand Identity to CRM that tracks performance, our marketing moves and drives ROI

We help clients identify emerging needs and trends.

We create new brands, build qualified databases and implement cost-effective marketing strategies. Based on bespoke insights from our research team, we develop compelling marketing plans for every project. We believe planning and agility are essential and client collaboration is key.

Our approach is threefold: acquire leads, nurture leads and retain purchasers. By operating three streams of marketing simultaneously—and tying marketing into our proven sales methodology—we deliver a best-in-class customer experience.

Our unique marketing methodology.

To generate quality leads, we use our insights on the local target market’s socio-economic profile, psychological motivators and competitive threats. Then we craft a compelling strategic plan.

Driven by our CRM and MROI insights, we create an integrated marketing strategy of traditional and digital channels, coupled with authentic marketing that moves the heart and generates authentic cut-through with the senior target market.

We have your project covered.

Whether you need help to develop or refresh a brand, generate new leads, increase sales and settlement rates, create and implement integrated marketing campaigns, or outsource your entire sales and marketing operation, our specialist marketing team has the expertise and passion you need. From project renders to floor plans, brochureware and collateral to media buying and event co-ordination, our team is your team. 

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Strategic marketing to drive ROI

We attract prospects through simple and clear advertising messages that align with the customer value proposition for your Retirement Village, with a strong call to action to drive response.
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Customer Relationship Management to target marketing investment

CRM allows better targeting of marketing investment, fine tunes the customer journey, and provides total mapping of the customer experience, resulting in transparency of sales team performance.
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Integrated sales
& marketing

We take a narrow and targeted focus to generate quality leads, including integrated marketing campaigns, a tailored, nurturing program and exceptional welcoming processes.
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Authentic marketing that moves people

Our team operates with professionalism, experience and warmth. We educate, explain, support and connect with our potential homebuyers to assist them in an end-to-end experience while they explore retirement living.
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Digital approaches that work

We develop a content management plan that considers tactics including a website, blogs, video, ad-words, directories and social media as needed.
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